Tilby Analytics

With Tilby, you can check the progress of your in-store and online sales in real-time, from any device, wherever you are.

The Tilby Analytics app lets you track sales, returns and discounts, analyse sales and promotions, create purchase profiles for your customers and monitor the performance of your assistants.

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Stay in control

Do you want to know which is your best-selling product? Would you like to know who are the best staff members? With Tilby Analytics, you get all the information you want in a few taps. Find out which products sell best and when, who is buying them, at what price and in what circumstances. This feature works like your personal analytics assistant!

Simplified accounting

Clear and effective reports can facilitate accounting and daily cash closing. Forget old-style accounting, Tilby Analytics will take care of that!

Always with you

Check the progress of your business in real-time, any time, anywhere. You can check how your sales are going on your tablet, smartphone and computer; you can then conveniently export your data into the Excel/OpenOffice format.

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Extend your reach

What’s every entrepreneur’s dream? Targeted promotions! Improve the reach of your campaigns and advertise effectively the launch of new products. Thanks to Analytics, your business data will become your best friend to help you capture the attention of your customers with the right promotion, at the right time!


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