The smart cloud POS

A cloud POS, unlike a conventional cash register, simplifies the business activity of merchants offering numerous tools to analyse sales figures and improve customer service and turnover.

Tilby’s innovative cloud technology lets you manage orders, inventory, reservations and receipts from a tablet or computer, making e-commerce easy. Thanks to its features, merchants have quick access to accounting, statistics and much more for all sales channels.

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What are the differences with a conventional cash register?

Cash register

  • Paper accounting
  • Cumbersome issue of invoices
  • Complex merchandise returns
  • Waste of time
  • Non-upgradeable features

Cloud Point-of-Sale

  • Receipts and electronic invoices issued quickly
  • Fast payments
  • Accounting and inventory always synchronised
  • Management of table reservations, staff, etc.
  • E-commerce functionality
  • Customisable functions
  • In-store data collection and analysis
  • Available for PC, tablet and smartphone
  • Frequent software updates

The numbers

Time saved

using a card reader integrated with the cash register


Sales growth

thanks to Big Data analysis


Opening rate

of emails containing purchase receipts


The advantages of a mobile cloud POS system


You can access the cloud POS from any device. Thanks to the cloud platform, you can receive payments and monitor your shop from anywhere, any time.


Keep track of sales both in-store and online. View sales, returns and discounts; analyse daily sales information in real-time.

Invoices and electronic receipts

Tilby lets you issue receipts and invoices quickly and easily.
For Italy (and other European countries), Tilby sends the purchase information to the revenue agency, also for the purposes of the Italian receipt lottery.
For countries without taxation, you can use the template of your choice.

The features of a cloud POS

Sales figures

A cloud POS generates reports on products sold and forecasts future sales trends.

Inventory management

In the retail sector, optimising inventory management can make a difference. A smart cloud POS calculates the Inventory Turnover Ratio, monitors the inventory/sales trade-off and alerts you when supplies are about to run out.

Customer relations

Find out who your customers are and what their preferences are. Storing customer data and purchase history is a huge boon to customer loyalty. By integrating a cloud POS with other marketing services, you can target customers who may be interested in a specific product based on their purchase history.

For example, you can send specific promotions to customers who have not shopped in a long time and different promotions to loyal customers, maximising both results. A smart cloud POS helps you create customer files and provides automatic profiling, making it easier for you to create targeted promotions.

Staff management

Do you have the right number of shop assistants? How should you schedule work shifts in the next week based on the sales forecast?

You can keep track of each employee’s performance, analysing information such as the number of items sold. Thanks to this tool, you can monitor the productivity of your shop assistants and reward those who sell the most.

Loyalty programme

Consumers prefer to shop at shops that offer a loyalty programme. The new cloud POS helps you create a loyalty programme without using traditional physical cards. It also helps you keep track of all your customers and quickly access their file through a physical or virtual card stored on their smartphone. Studies have shown that consumers prefer to shop in shops they already know and trust.

Daily reports

The system can generate daily reports based on your business activity. Today, many programs offer several preset reports that you can quickly display. However, since each shop has its own peculiarities, you should choose a cloud POS that adapts to your needs and gives you customised results. Notifications are a key feature: some systems let you set notifications for specific events, for example, when a product is out of stock or a customer entered the wrong email address.

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