With Tilby, you can also set up self-ordering and self-checkout kiosks in your shop or restaurant. Designed for all your omnichannel needs: zero worries with Tilby’s user-friendly technology.

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Easy to use

Everyone can use Tilby’s self-checkout kiosk, thanks to its simple and intuitive interface.

Choose a device for self-checkout

You can use a wall-mount tablet, a terminal embedded in the table or a kiosk with a large touchscreen. Choose the device that suits you best. You can check the list of compatible devices in the hardware section

Perfectly integrated with your cloud POS

Self-checkout and traditional checkout are both at your fingertips, thanks to the centralisation of sales, customers and products, so you can keep everything under control. If your customer needs assistance with their purchase, you can transfer the sale to the cashier in a few taps and finalise it manually.

Customise your self-checkout in a few taps

Your self-checkout is ready out-of-the-box. You can select which products to sell online among those already loaded on your Tilby cloud POS and you can add more information. Quite easy, right? If that’s not enough, you can also customise the colours and other features to make the purchase experience more unique.

Suitable for all businesses

Tilby self-checkout is designed for the sale of products or services of different shops, restaurants and ice cream parlours. Based on the business sector, specific features are automatically enabled to meet your needs and those of your customers. For example, if you have a restaurant, you can just receive the order or also process the payment and send the order directly to the kitchen at the same time.

Digital signage, redesigned

You can display promotional images and videos on the screens in strategic spots of your shop or restaurant to attract your customer’s attention.

Electronic or cash payments

You can receive payments by credit card, Satispay or prepaid credit. You can also receive cash payments and let the kiosk dispense the change automatically. Also, you can offer the ‘Pay at the checkout’ option, which allows your customer to place the order independently and pay later at the checkout.

Ask anything

If you have a restaurant, you can request additional information from your customers – for example, you might want to know if they prefer to eat in or take away.

Barcode scanning

The self-checkout can also scan the barcode of your products and loyalty cards, so the shopping experience is even easier.

Retain your customers

Your customers can sign up independently (after consenting to the processing of their data – GDPR) and receive a virtual loyalty card. They can also top up credit on their account to be used for subsequent purchases.

Data analysis

Easily keep track of your sales, inventory and customers with Tilby Analytics.

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