The cloud POS for handicrafts

The cloud POS for handicrafts

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Fast and flexible payments

Easily receive payments, also from multiple methods and automatically apply discounts and promotions. It’s easier for you and your customers are satisfied.

Receipts and electronic invoices

Tilby lets you issue receipts and invoices quickly and easily.

For Italy and other European countries, Tilby sends the purchase information to the revenue agency, also for the purposes of the Italian receipt lottery.

For countries without taxation, you can use the template of your choice.


Do you want to know what your customers like to buy? Tilby automatically creates purchase profiles, so you always know which products your customers love to buy.



Tilby can be used alongside many existing services such as project management software and marketing automation to help you manage your business more efficiently.


Do you have more than one store? Discover solutions for chain stores

Many chain stores choose Tilby to manage their business thanks to its cloud that can be integrated with numerous management systems.


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