The cloud POS for your wine shop

Gestionale di cassa per enoteche

The cloud POS for your wine shop

Cloud POS for Wine Shops - Tilby

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Monitor your sales and inventory in real-time thanks to the integrations. Every time you sell a product or a bulk product, the inventory is automatically updated so you always know how many units you have left.

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Fast and flexible payments

Let your customers choose their preferred payment method. Whether it is cash, credit card, debit card or the latest mobile payment systems, you are ready for it!


Create loyalty campaigns: you can issue physical loyalty cards for your customers or send a virtual one to their smartphone. You can then use your tablet’s camera or a compatible barcode reader to scan them.

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Integrations and marketing automation

Tilby can be used alongside many integrated services such as e-commerce and marketing automation to help you manage your business more efficiently.



Do you want to know what your customers like to buy and how you can improve your sales? Tilby automatically creates purchase profiles, so you always know which products your customers love to buy.


Do you have more than one store? Discover solutions for chain stores

Many chain stores choose Tilby to manage their business thanks to its cloud that can be integrated with numerous management systems.


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